Space Scrapers is released with a bonus selection Gaia’s Children. Enjoy!

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The World of Space Scrapers 

The World of Space Scrapers contains information about the anthology, peculiar details that you cannot find anywhere else online – and that includes excerpts, description of the characters and Shakespear the robot! Thank you for being my supporter and my reader, and my friend. I guess I’ll see you in the World of Space Scrapers!


“If in sci fi we’d be sticking to things we can do today – there’d be no sci fi. Instantaneous assimilation of data – think about computers of the year, say, 1960… a room for a computer. Think what a computer does today and how much room it takes… I am confident future data processing devices will be able to handle information streams by far faster and more effectively than what we have today. Provided humanity won’t fall into a dystopia that is…

Anyhow, if you were to talk about errors in science fiction – don’t think mechanical things or technology – because it’s all work in progress. I mean, come on, NASA already understands how warp works – all we need is energy and material resources to make it happen.

Errors in knowledge of the already known to us Universe – that might be something to fish for. But again, in today’s world even Pluto has been disqualified…

I guess what I am trying to say, keep an open mind when it comes to science fiction – keep yourself entertained by projecting possibilities – however crazy and unthinkable – onto our potential, of the humanity as a whole. Science fiction is no place for a debate over technicalities – it’s a place to share dreams. The best place there is!”

Camilla Stein in response to ‘Errors in Science Fiction’.



Welcome and thank you for visiting my science fiction blog.

My interest in sci fi began when I was just a kid. I would read on till late hours, often under a blanket with a pocket lamp, and surprisingly my Mom always allowed that. Books, especially science fiction books, have been my window into a completely different world, something magical, yet something absolutely real and achievable. Remaining that kid and keeping that proverbial fascination with all things sci fi is what brought me here, and who knows where it’ll take me next! I am happy to welcome you all as participants on this journey.

What I would like to do now is once again say thank you all, and let me tell you a little about this site. Menu buttons are all on the right; you can access information about me under About the Author, and information how to contact me and my literary agent Deborah McNichol under Contact Details, there you can also find my Facebook and Twitter account details.

Right after the formal section of the blog, comes the fun part – I am delighted to share with you my sci fi short stories. The newly released is Jo Clearwater and the Scholars of Algol, the second installment of the series about Chieftain Jo Clearwater.

Next in store is Space Scrapers, a series of short stories about a trio of bounty hunters in space. Cover for Space Scrapers is designed by yours truly!

Please feel free to comment away in the Comments section after the story. This site will grow, there are more stories to share, and it is my sincere wish that my readers will enjoy their time here.

Spaceiously yours,

Camilla Stein.


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