Announcing Space Scrapers series

by Camilla Stein

SPACE  SCRAPERS is now available on Amazon Kindle

Space Scrapers is an adventure series about a trio of bounty hunters who are driven by a renegade sentiment in opposition to the recognized power. While chasing artifacts and collecting various items of interest, they are being led to discover the threat to the Galaxy and possibly to the entire Universe, and to fight back. They don’t come as perfect heroes; instead they grow into their new identities.

Setting: Solar System, Milky Way, parallel Universe

Approaching the XXXth century, human race was on the peak of its power, then followed by a downfall that lasted for about 300 years. A lot was destroyed in the time period. In the next millennium, Earth has re-established its presence in the Galaxy but is struggling to maintain order, reconnect with its past glory and define new horizons. Humans scrape far corners of space to collect remnants of lost technology and rebuild a once great civilization, now in the face of an unknown threat to their very existence.

Timeline Stretch: 2,000+ yrs since modern era.

Main Characters:

Ava Nagoya is an orphan. She is highly altruistic, will help everyone but herself, and at some point her unbalanced life style starts catching up on her. She has an attachment issue and lands a severe depression after losing a loved one. Accompanied by a preceding trauma that gave her PTSD, she sees no resolution to her condition other than turning to a phenomenal (totally sci-fi!) equivalent to drugs. That soon becomes a case of a terrible addiction. She decides to end her life. But this is not how her story line in Space Scrapers ends…

Ian Vanderbilt is an Aspie, highly intelligent, socially challenged, individualistic, fanatically devoted to his intellectual pursuits often at the expense of his friendship. He has his own vision of how things should be done. Ian rebels against a commonly accepted authority and breaks away from their military grip, subsequently turning into a bounty hunter. This is where his path begins for real. He needs to become aware of his higher purpose, resolve his inner conflict between ‘Ian the taker’ and ‘Ian the giver’. He is being led on a journey of self-discovery that he needs to complete if he is ever to defeat the ultimate enemy.

Mbwana Luo Akamba is Ian’s best friend. Highly charismatic, independent and self-absorbed, he is a techie, a genius. He often makes compromises with his own consciousness, has generally flexible values and is nomadic. Sometimes he surprises people who know him with unexpectedly humane gestures, although he never truly cared about anyone but himself. This, however, is about to change when he meets Sarah. He experiences a touchdown with his soul and goes through an incredible transformation.

Supplementary Characters:

Aaron Vanderbilt, Ian’s father
Maya Vanderbilt, Ian’s sister
The Overseer, monk
Jade, Patrol Officer 1
Li Chen, Patrol Officer 2
Karo Teig, medical examiner
Anton Teig, MD, Karo’s father
Ava’s Grandmother

Other elements:
The Guard
Central Command

Technology: FTL starships, cyber network, robots, man-operated mega-control systems, etc.

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Camilla Stein ©2011. All rights reserved.

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