a story

by Camilla Stein

“The irony…”

“Of what?”

“That we have to die so as to have a conversation.”

“I am not dead.”

“But I am…”

The planet looked very peaceful from afar, almost innocent. They glanced at each other and drifted away, following an invisible orbit.

“Do you hear?”


“The silence.”

“I do.”

“It’s all very simple, really.”


“Life and death. Are you afraid?”

“You were…”

“No. I had a moment of weakness, thinking my life was fragile. But then so was my death.”

“How come?”

“Because. All of it is not real.”

They were now somewhere above Japan, slowly navigating over the Pacific.

“What is real?”

“This. Us. Us talking.”

“I didn’t get to you on time. I was delayed… I am sorry.”

“Now is just as good.”

“Life is too short.”

“Life never ends!”

“And sadness?”

“Sadness is part of the journey.”

“…what if I fail?”

“You will get up and finish the run. Like I did.”

The sun was rising, the planet began waking up. But then again, it never slept.


Camilla Stein ©2014. All rights reserved.

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