the making of

by Camilla Stein

“Who will it be this time?”
“I am thinking to try a new batch we got delivered last night.”
“Of course, Sir.”
“Stop calling me that.”
“As you wish, S…”
“Well, let’s see what we’ve got there.”
“Looks lovely. So many possibilities. Brown eyes?”
“I am thinking to try something new this time. How about a pair of greens.”
“Absolutely. Anything to go with them?”
“A lazy eye it would seem, just look at that chart, what an incredible family history.”
“You would know.”
“And let’s give her curly hair.”
“We need to balance the act a little, don’t you think.”
“You would know.”
“Stop doing that. It bores me.”
“Are you thinking blond hair?”
“No, there’s enough of that, we went a little over the top last time.”
“There’s still some left. It’ll go bad if unused.”
“Let it go bad. This time let’s try buckwheat honey.”
“An unusual choice.”
“You think? Now how about that skin…”
“Lots of choices, S… sorry. As I said, lots to choose from.”
“I am feeling adventurous. How about rich almond color.”
“She’s got only one source to tap into for that one, if it’s not diluted you know the sensitivities will be an issue.”
“Nothing a little cream here and there won’t handle…”
“You would… sorry, I am doing it again.”
“Do you think this dialogue is getting too long?”
“It seems so. I’d really prefer to keep going though.”
“Yes, let’s finish up what we started. Did we cover length and weight?”
“So it would seem. The template appears to be working just fine.”
“I am not fond of the character traits. She should be feisty and fiery.”
“Will she have a good life, what do you think?”
“You always give them a good life, the rest is up to them.”
“Now you’ve finally learned something. But won’t she be bored?”
“With that character? Not a chance. Plus her family’s history.”
“Still. I am thinking to maybe give her a little brother.”
“Just like her?”
“Oh no, not at all. He’ll be very different. Let’s keep it interesting. I’m thinking indigo.”
“But that would mean… Oh but you would know … sorry, I am doing it again.”
“Yes you are.”

Camilla Stein ©2014. All rights reserved.

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